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Playmaker Soccer Passing Machine & Soccer Kicking Machine

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Playmaker Soccer Passing Machine & Soccer Kicking Machine

Product Description

This Soccer Ball Passing Machine & Soccer Kicking Machine is awesome. First Pitch has used the very best materials and craftsmanship to make this soccer passing machine & soccer kicking machine. So much so, that it rivals the quality of Jugg’s soccer machines but at a considerable lesser cost, you save hundreds. So if you want quality and like to save money this is the Soccer Machine for you.
Just look at what you can do with this Soccer Passing Machine & Soccer Kicking Machine from First Pitch Pitching Machines.
1. Simulate real game situations, Shots and Passes
2. Practice receiving corner kicks and crosses
3. Simulates Kicks up to 80 yards
4. Work with Goalies on a variety of shots
5. Simulates left and right curve kicks
6. Kicks 20 to 100 mph
7. Great for youth and adults
8. Adjustable for use with #3, #4, and #5 soccer balls
9. 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
And yes Made in the USA

First Pitch is a great company and warrants the operability of your pitching machine for 5 full years for residential and non-commercial use and for 1 full year for commercial use from the date of purchase. This warranty covers all mechanical and electrical parts against manufacturers defect or premature failure during reasonable normal use. Commercial use is defined as Batting cage or training facility for hire. Schools and leagues are considered non-commercial use.

Sachetti Sports is proud of offer the very best Soccer Passing Machine and Soccer Kicking Machine


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